Service NSW

Moving House life event research

What we did

Identifying opportunities from moving stories

Moving house can be a daunting, stressful task, where unexpected problems often occur.

Prior experience and a mental model can help ease the process and who to contact to inform your details have changed. But for someone leaving home for the first time, or helping an elderly relative into Aged Care, where do they start? Who do they have to notify? And how?

The research identified ways to improve the entire moving experience by understanding how it might be streamlined using digital self-service solutions.

Service NSW is an award-winning NSW Government initiative delivering improved one-stop services for Government customers. Working with Service NSW, Folk evaluated the ‘moving house’ life event through the lens of the customer.

The team investigated the experience across four life stages, as they progressed from the decision to ‘move house’ through to changing their contact details with service providers (such as utilities, banks and all of life’s other essentials).

Research activities and outputs

Research included a survey, exploratory in-depth interviews with people from the four life stages, and interviews with service providers to get a holistic view of the moving house process.

Archetypes, user journeys, and a customer journey map (shown) illustrated the customers’ experience. Pain points were identified in the process as well as key opportunities which were fed into a report with key findings and recommendations.

Want to know more?

To learn more about this research and other Life Event research projects, please contact Michael Broadhead, Managing Director, on 02 9557 8122.