User experience + design

What we did

Readify, willing and able

The Readify story starts with a question… to their customers: ‘Are you ready to take advantage of ‘what’s next’ in software innovation?’. And they’ve built a highly successful technology business helping them answer it.  

After winning Microsoft’s Australian Software Development Partner of the Year multiple times, amongst other awards, they asked what’s next?

After joining the Telstra team in 2016, bringing all of their brilliant thinking, people and capability they asked, what’s next?

It’s led them to where they are today. They thrive on a challenge, as do we.

After nearly a decade of successful partnering Folk user-centred design with their own agile software development, Readify offered us a new challenge – to help them create a website that put their proposition front and centre.

We opened up the floor with discovery workshops and built a shared view of audiences and what mattered most to them. The resulting centrepiece of the site is the text editor style navigation – a nod to what’s at the core of Readify – software innovation.

The result

Building on the brand identity we created previously, we pared back the look and feel to let the content shine. For both customers and potential employees the site is a window into the firm - what it’s like to work with and for Readify.

The end result isn’t for everyone, but neither is Readify. They pride themselves on the rigour of their talent selection process, only taking the best of the best. 

Not every organisation is prepared to let go of their old-world software development practices and embrace what’s next, but for those that are, there’s Readify.