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Helping Aussie SMEs find the talent they never knew existed.

Knowing ‘talent’ can make or break a business is common knowledge.
Finding them. Accessing them. That’s the tricky bit.

Still, “many small to medium Aussie ‘battler’ businesses are sticking it to the international ‘big boys’”, so said our brief from LinkedIn Talent Solutions. “We want to share that story. Champion those businesses. And our product that’s helping them land the best talent.”

At any given time, 80% of talent, that would improve a business, is ‘passive’. Hidden. It’s slim-pickings then from the remaining ‘active’ talent.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions allows HR managers and business owners access to 100% of talent, including that hidden talent, they never knew existed.

We put two and two together: we invited successful Aussie businesses to feature those with a ‘hidden talent’ within their own ranks.

Three 90+ second videos (and counting) featured remarkable individuals, in remarkable businesses, doing remarkable things. An amateur boxing champ (who also kept exotic birds, true story); a racing car driver; and a former Pro Equestrian.

Beautiful live footage and personalised employer voice-over, powerfully underline the connection between individual talent and business success.

In concert with our Content Strategy, Influencer Engagement Strategy, and Activation Strategy, the videos have had over 150,000 views, and counting.

Since launching in Australia, the #hiddentalent campaign has been adopted by LinkedIn globally.

The three #hiddentalent videos: over 150,000 views to date
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