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kicbox: What matters most to kids in care?

Making a difference

kicbox – a private, digital memory box, inside your phone.

Young people in care don’t always have the things kids in more stable homes take for granted. kicbox gives them a safe and secure place to keep the important information and documents that can help them get ahead in education and employment. It also helps them keep the photos, memorabilia and other childhood memories of growing up that help with their sense of identity through life.

kic what? 

kicbox, short for ‘kids in care box’, is a multi-platform mobile and web app built primarily for young people.

Making it happen

Designed with young people for young people

When it came to creating the app we put young people - with input from their Child Safety Team (CSOs and Carers) - in the driver’s seat to make sure that whatever the final product was, it was going to make the most difference to them.

Co-Design activities with young people, their carers and Child Safety team were conducted across Queensland helping us understand their sometimes complex and challenging lives and what was most important to them. The activities included interviews, observation, rapid prototype development and testing, workshops, wire framing, sticker exercises, walk-throughs, brainstorms, pilots…you name it, we did it.

Making decisions

Do a few things, well

The app delivers the features that young people valued most:

1)    A safe and secure place to keep, collect and share information that is important to a young person

2)    A way to communicate and build strong relationships between the young person, their carer and their Child Safety Team.

An iterative and collaborative approach enabled the app to be where it is today i.e. an application that meets the key needs of its users. It is aligned with the Department of Communities practice framework and is now being rolled out throughout Queensland following the success of a pilot.


What next?

Child Safety staff are saying that kicbox is the future! They enjoy being able to send instant messages to young people through the kicbox chat feature and share information in a secure and quick way. This is echoed by young people who have commented that they love being able to discuss things with their CSO through the app that they wouldn’t normally feel comfortable talking about face to face.

With this positive feedback and the state wide roll-out well underway more enhancements are being planned such as further enabling carers to contribute to their young person’s story and integrating with other systems for easier sharing of important information by the wider Child Safety team.


kicbox has come to life through the hard work of various young people, carers and CSOs in partnership with Folk’s UX and design team, development partner Readify  and the dedicated team at the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disabilities (QLD).


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