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Jobs for NSW brand identity

What we did

Creating multiple jobs, over time

Jobs for NSW is a private sector-led, NSW Government-backed initiative to deliver on the Premier’s number one priority: creating jobs.

This is not about simply placing people in individual jobs.

Jobs for NSW is dedicated to creating many, meaningful jobs: jobs for the (near) future. To attract, target and support aspiring, ambitious businesses (and industries). To help new and existing small to medium ‘Gazelles’ jump the ‘growth gap’.

Chaired by former Telstra CEO David Thodey, Jobs for NSW’s identity needed to reflect its private sector-led mindset, only coming from Government.

‘Bold’, ‘Contemporary’, ‘Positive’ and, not least, ‘JOBS’ were the other most notable buttons to press.

Job creation across NSW will be ongoing and organic. While some mature, others begin – varying in scale, location and industry.

The identity talks to this idea, and signals both the business acumen and financial ability to boldly grow one million more new, rewarding jobs by 2036.

Launch media coverage - August 2016
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