Infrastructure New South Wales

Brand identity, website and online data visualisation

What we did

Breaking rigid thinking on infrastructure

INSW is an independent organisation set up to assess and improve NSW’s infrastructure over the next 20 years. So simply, more roads, bridges, tunnels, buildings, and rail… right? Wrong.

Being open and prepared to change was the key to their role and remit. To break rigid thinking. To zag (not zig).

Both the identity and website need to support this, conveying clarity, order, independence; promoting the brand idea of ‘break rigid thinking’; and providing at-a-glance understanding of Infrastructure NSW’s remit.

The resulting website is bright, bold and optimistic, and built as a multi-site Umbraco CMS instance, to support efficient content management across multiple corporate and project sites.

See it live
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The future of infrastructure – on the map

The second iteration of Infrastructure NSW’s advice to government, the State Infrastructure Strategy (SIS) launched in November 2014. Whilst most people are keen to know about upcoming projects in our home state, the majority prefer a more engaging way than in a full detailed report.

Using data from the print report, and GIS data supplied by the contributing agencies, Folk developed a highly visual and engaging web-based summary that allows people to explore data and recommendations by area, expanding the reach and popularity of the SIS report.

View the State Infrastructure Strategy Update 2014.