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Equally different
Celebrating diversity. And commonality.

Signalling the D-word can be tricky. It can easily be seen as tokenism. Diversity for diversity’s sake. 

Diversity-of-thinking is the point. 

As an employer, GHD is committed to inclusion and diversity, and the value it brings. It’s written into their company strategy and objectives. A new D&I campaign was needed to signal that commitment writ large. 

GHD – a global leader in engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services companies – aims to attract like-minded leading talent, whatever their background

This is the solution’s focus: recognising the different stories and common goals within GHD.

The campaign features employee stories, from all levels of seniority and backgrounds: how they came to GHD and contribute to one common goal - developing imaginative and responsive solutions for clients, to create lasting community benefit.

The campaign launched in September 2017 and is being rolled out across both digital and print platforms both internally and externally.


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