Brand strategy and website

What we did

Helping carers help children

For more than 130 years Barnardos Australia has been at the forefront of child protection, finding permanent solutions for Australian children in desperate need.

Folk brought this determination and drive together to provide Barnardos with a bespoke branding solution using a customer centred review. Stakeholder workshops and interviews were used to refine the model of prioritisation to gain a better appreciation of the content and audience; and ensure that the new site was meeting the needs of the right people.

This resulted in a brand strategy that provided the platform for a meaningful visual identity and engaging website.

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We helped, and so could you

Help Barnardos Australia help children.

Every two weeks 1 child dies as a direct result of assault in Australia. Barnardos Australia needs your help to stop child abuse. Visit the donation page on the Barnardos Australia website or contact Alex Maniquis, Corporate Engagement Manager, on (02) 9218 2340 or at [email protected] to find out how your company could contribute.

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